The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

A Science of Body, Mind, Consciousness and Soul

"Yoga Studio Nada " offers a comprehensive system of techniques, practices and methods for the attainment of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Nowadays greater stress and tension is placed upon almost every area of life, methods for the attainment of inner peace and the release of tension are essential to maintain wellbeing and health of body, mind and soul.

It is exactly in this regard that Yoga Studio Nada offers an aid to help onself. The needs and demands of the modern times require an even greater commitment to our inner selves, that we may maintain and strengthen the connection with our inner divine nature. Yoga Studio Nada offers a path to do this, suited to the times and without loosing the originality and effect of the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Yoga means "to Join, or to Unite". The Yoga path and practices take us towards an understanding of ourselves and thus the ability to overcome all of the problems we face. We can realise for ourselves the essence of life and the purpose of our being here, thus we are better able to cope with everyday demands and worries. As our perspective changes we are able to realise the one cosmic principle, and find eternal bliss in the union of the individual self with the universal self.

"Yoga is that supreme, cosmic principle. It is the light of life, the universal creative consciousness that is always awake and never sleeps; that always was, always is, and always will be"

Since time began, wise men and seers have sought knowledge of the nature and cosmos, which they discovered through their meditations. Known as the Rishis of India, these holy saints discovered the laws that govern life in both the material and spiritual realms. They discovered the inter-conections of teh entire universe. All this wisdom is found in ancient texts, known as teh Vedas. And much of this knowledge is being re-discovered and proven by modern scientific techniques.

From these experiences and insights a far-reaching and comprehensive system known as Yoga originated and gave us valuable, practical instructions for the body, breath, concentration, relaxation and meditation. The practices that the Yoga Studio Nada System book offer have already proven themselves over thousands of years and have been found helpful by millions of people.

"Yoga Studio Nada" is practiced globally, in Yoga centres, Educational institutes, health institutions, sports centres, rehabilitation hospitals, and helathresorts. It can be suited to everyone, in any physical condition, so all have the possibility to practice Yoga, in Daily Life!
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The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 1

These exercises are "Good for Everyone" and help to attain integral wellbeing as body, mind and soul come into balance.

Whatever you seek through the practices of Yoga, be it health, inner peace, mental balance, greater energy, or spiritual development, it is gradual step, by step development that will truly enable you to reach your goal. The parts of level 1, also available in book form "Yoga Studio Nada The System" form your perfect and complete basis for further Yoga Studies.

Some effects of Level 1 and Yoga Studio Nada practice:

1. The feelings of greater flexibility, balance, strength and mobility.

2. The ability to sit for longer, thus enabling meditation and pranayam (breathing exercises) to be undisturbed and fulfilling.

3. Balance of the nervous system, so less stress, less shocks and a greater tendancy to remain calm in the face of challenges.

4. A developing sense of inner fulfillment and creativity.

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 2

The Yoga Postures of Level 2 exert a far reaching effect upon the body as well as the mind. Yoga exercises are psychomatic and so it's observed that these exercises not only influence the body, but one's entire personality. The continuation from Level 1 to Level 2 is a commendable step of your progress and will take you a further 3 months to properally complete. Practiced daily you will experience many wonderful benefits to your body posture and spine and energy levels.

"Your heart is like the ocean into which thousands of rivers pour without overflowing. Your mind is like the clear sky, endless and free, raised high above this world. Your being is like the tree that gives its shade and yields sweet fruit to all. The tree does not cling to its fruit, nor withholds them from those who throw stones. Like your heart, the tree offers its fruit to all, no matter into whose hands they fall." Swamiji

In order to fully appreciate and grasp the benefits of a Yoga practice it will be necessary to establish a daily, discipled practice. Like anything it take times to develop, and your body is the most essential tool you have, so enjoy the journey, and the daily practice. In the beginning regular practice seems like an extra addition to an already full schedule, but after some initial effort you'll see how your body looks forward to the practice, and setting a regular time aside for it become effortless, and joyfull.

"Problems with blood pressure, back pain and other health complaints all benefit from regular practice. After some time it simply becomes a healthy habit, just like taking a shower - the Yoga practice is something we just do not want to miss" Swamiji

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 3

“One who through Yoga controls the body and has learned to master the feelings, senses and mind, sheds the chains of desire, fear and confusion and attains peace and supreme bliss.”
Bhagavad Gita

Level 3 continues with more advanced postures that build on all the previous exercises learnt, if you have systemattically followed them you will find these Asanas easy and energising. They awake the dormant powers in the body, bring to fruition an overall sense of wellbeing and enable the mind to rest for a time, steady and motionless in each posture. The breath co-ordinated with each movement is very valuable and helps to attain the benefits of the Asana. With practice you will be able to hold each pose for several minutes and thus feel the fulfilling sense of a developing Yoga practice (Sadhana). Once again the Level should be practiced daily for a period of 3 months.

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 4

"Everything, even the smallest endeavour on the Yoga path, brings a multitude of gains. Those who do not give up, who practice regularly and continue with full confidence, will reach their goal" Swamiji

The Level 4 Asanas and practices are advanced, and thus require a more concetrated and slow practice, with this the influence deepens. Each Asana has a regulatory effect on the organs and glandular systems, the effects unfold during the Asanas and also during the short relaxation between each asana.

Like all the Levels, this one too is practiced for 3 months. It's only in that length of time that the body and mind can truly adapt and adjust to the practice and reap the full rewards. This 3 month term is essential to follow for maximum benefit.

“The success of your actions lies in the strength of your inner conviction and self-discipline. Do not lose courage and never give up.” and “Whatever you have resolved to do, do it with firm determination. Success will be certain".

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 5

Along with your regular practices of Asanas and Pranayamas in Level 5 a further step is now included, deep concentration. Not to be mistaken with meditation, which is much more than that. Concentration is controlling the thought waves (chitta vrittis) in order to liberate onsef from the false identification with the changing states of the mind and consciousness. Meditation on the other hand cannot be practiced, rather it arises from itself, in the same way as sleep overcomes us.

Through concentration we prepare for meditation, the goal of concentration is to calm the body, mind and senses. Through practices that develop concentration we overcome restlessness and sleepiness, both of which are an obstacle to meditation. And in Meditation we discover the ultimate peace.

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 6

Yoga ignites the light of wisdom so that we gain clarity and become aware of true reality

Yoga in the advancing levels calms the mind, and develops the power of discrimination (Viveka). This quality guides us towards correct understanding and to discernment in making right decisions. One of the most important tasks as we develop in Yoga, apart from the physical, breathing and concentration exercises, is to train the intellect and use it correctly.

"Create the right balance between material and spiritual life and you will possess two strong wings with which your soul can soar towards God."

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 7

A new level of Yoga practice ahead and an equally new level of development of consciousness. The step now is to consider more deeply the philosophy and spiritual aspects of Yoga. “Where do I come from?” “What is the meaning and purpose of life?” “What duty must I fulfil in this life?” And finally, “Where will I go after this life?”

Within the practice of “Yoga Studio Nada” the answers to these five vital questions can be found. Ultimately we can free ourselves from the wheel of destiny and attain the final and supreme goal of Yoga - liberation from Karma, death and rebirth.

Often one is tempted by the restless and changeable nature of the mind to break from the Yoga path and again try something new. Don't allow yourself to be tempted or change out of mere curiosity. The success you gain in Yoga can be likened to the care given to a tender plant - it will only grow and bear fruit under your gentle and loving care. If you repeatedly plant and replant a small seed, it will never gain the opportunity to take root and thrive. In the same way the flower of spirituality will only develop through patience, love and perseverance.

The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Yoga Level: Level 8

We now come to the final and highest level of Asanas - Padmasana (Lotus) and the practice of various postures in Padmasana.

Along with Shirshasana, Padmasana is known as the supreme and “Royal” Asana. Why is this posture so important? Padmasana is the only sitting posture in where the spine is completely upright, so that the lungs are entirely free for breathing. Above all, it opens the Chakras along the spine and activates the corresponding nerve centres. As the qualities of each Chakra begin to unfold, the Yoga aspirant is opened to diverse levels of consciousness. This is why Yogis always sit for deep meditation in Padmasana.

The lotus is a symbol full of meaning for the Yogi and the Yoga aspirant. In mythology, the lotus blossom represents beauty, purity and spirituality. To the Yogi, the lotus blossom is a symbol of Divine consciousness and love. Those who meditate on the lotus blossom can realise its perfection within themselves. For those who find the divine lotus within, the search is over.

"The more wisdom you possess, the more humble becomes your mind. The more understanding you develop, the more helpful become your actions. The more goodness residing in your heart, the more love you feel for everything."