The System “Yoga Studio Nada”

Asanas for Special Conditions

Yoga In Daily Life can impact all and specific areas of your health and wellbeing:

1.Improve Blood Supply to the Head
2. Relax the Eyes and Improve Eyesight
3. Exercises for the Neck and Thyroid Gland
4. Relaxation of Neck and Throat Muscles
5. Strengthening of Neck Muscles
6. Strengthening of Vocal Cords and Improve Articulation
7. Exercises for the Chest and Lungs
8. Exercises to Stretch the Thoracic Spine and Counteract a Rounded Back
9. Strengthen the Lungs and Deepen the Breath
10. Exercises for the Lumbar Spine and Kidneys
11. Relaxation of the Lumbar Spine and Prevention of Sciatica
12. Support of Renal Activity
13. Nephrotosis
14. Strengthening and Relaxation of the Entire Back
15. Improve Spine Flexibility
16. Improve Posture and Scoliosis
17. Strengthen Abdominal and Back Muscles
18. Strenghtening of the Abdominal Muscles
19. Counteract Digestive Problems
20. Exercises to Activate the Pancreas
21. Exercises for the Pelvis and Pelvic Organs
22. Improve Circulation and Stimulate Lower Abdominal Organs
23. Post-Natal Exercises
24. Relief of Mentsural Problems
25. Exercises for the Shoulders, Arms and Hands
26. Exercises for the Knees, Legs and Feet
27. Improve Cardiovascular Strength
28. Improve General Coordination
29. Calm and Balance the Nervous System
30. Improve Concentration